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Being new to the area this year, I went to Dr. Rajani for the first time last March.

One thing I always had a problem with was my bite. My jaw continued to grow, despite being in my mid-30's. In my early 20's I had reconstructive jaw surgery to correct my bite, but by 2006 it was off again.

Having had several dentists before meeting Dr. Rajani, I assumed this is something I would live with. Yet, Dr. Rajani thought it was probably something more, as my bones fused when I stopped growing.

Dr. Rajani suggested I connect with my GP, getting blood work done specifically measuring my hormone levels. This was the first time a dentist thought there was more going on. Found out I had high growth hormone levels which was the result of a pituitary tumor on my pituitary gland (later confirmed with an MRI).

Oct. 26th I had brain surgery, successfully removing the tumor, lowering my growth hormone levels, which continue to be monitored. High growth hormone also can cause carpal tunnel (which I have seen an improvement in).

The average age of diagnosis of this rare tumor is 48. With the help of Dr. Rajani, at 36 years old, I was able to be successfully diagnosed.

It is a blessing to have found a great dentist like Dr. Rajani at this time in my life. I really feel like it could have been years to be diagnosed without the excellent care of Dr. Rajani.

Scott F. 12/3/16